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Habits tell more
than words

We are Hbits

To understand and influence behaviour, we need to study behaviour itself.

A lot of behavioral research asks people what they do by only gauging their opinions, intentions, attitudes and stories. What people really do remains unanswered. Hbits therefore studies human behavior itself, not by asking what people do, but by measuring it through objective data.

In this way we help marketers, HR managers, policy makers, scientists, and many others to truly understand human behaviour.
We also advise on how to influence behavior efficiently.

Big data,
little context:
hbits brings that
context back
into picture

More than ever, people leave digital traces of their behaviour: credit cards transactions, scanning loyalty cards, updating Facebook pages, the use of apps, wearables or sensors, and so on. These traces contain useful information, because they show how groups or populations behave. However, this information is also limited, because the context in which they are collected remains largely hidden.

In understanding peoples behaviour, hbits analyses individuals’ acting within its context (characterised by dimensions of time, space, interaction, norms, and so on).