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What does hbits do?

hbits conducts research into human behaviour. Our research teaches us to understand the situation and provides predictions about how people will behave in the future or how that behaviour can be changed. We start out from the individual, although finally the focus is on the organisation or target group.

This makes us a strong research partner for commercial companies, universities and governments in every aspect: exploration, development, evaluation and/or innovation.

Through our research platform (MOTUS), we gear the design of the research accurately to extract the most out of the research question. The aim: to obtain insightful, usable advice that has impact.

Where do we come from?

Using MOTUS, hbits breaks through the barriers of the academic world.

hbits is a spin-off from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, TOR Research Group (Tempus Omnia Revelat – ‘Time Reveals Everything’). hbits enjoys an international reputation and is a pioneer and market leader in conducting research into the use of time in Belgium.  hbits continues to build on this expertise, breaking through the barriers of the academic world via the modular research platform MOTUS, which makes it possible to conduct research into the use of time (online).

The developers of MOTUS have now also joined forces in hbits.

Joeri Minnen

is the business manager for hbits, with responsibility for day-to-day operations. He has conducted methodological research into time registration for 15 years and has been involved in most of TOR’s research projects into time registration.

Ignace Glorieux

is professor at the Sociology research unit, a time sociologist with an active presence in the media. He is the specialist member of the EUROSTAT working group on time and president of the International Association for Time Use Research.

Theun Pieter van Tienoven

wrote his thesis on the importance of regularity in time use and time planning. He also publishes regularly on the topics of gender, work and leisure time.


MOTUS enables hbits to gather data in various ways, both separately or combined:


developed for computers, laptops and tablets and to be reached via a browser.


developed for smartphones and tablets and available via mobile apps for  iOS and Android.


designed to capture individual behavioural information automatically.

Everything is controlled via the underlying MOTUS software platform, which builds up each research project, step by step. This is where we collate information about questionnaires, behaviour registration and communication into a customised and largely automated research flow.

The platform supports research tasks via automatic processes for gathering data and building databases. The modular, flexible design means the software can be used for numerous applications in a range of environments.

One innovative feature is that we also use apps, wearables and connected devices. This takes us a good step further in the process of directly gathering information about behaviour and also, in its context, the classic survey and registration methods and other online services.

MOTUS was uso for the first time in 2013 for a large-scale Flemish time use research survey. It has been used since then in various other studies.


We work in 4 stages:

We work in 4 stages:


we convert the research question and context into a research design in which a mixture of different research methods can be used.


we gather data and track the research via the MOTUS software platform.


we analyse the data to arrive at insightful results.


we interpret the results and implement the improvement process required.

The time needed for research depends on the project. Stages can be left out and contact and feedback are possible at every stage.

Where required, hbits will also provide training, support and presentations.

Who can come to us?

In principle, hbits works for anyone. We are always open to new issues and challenges. We have worked on behalf of profit and non-profit clients, as well as on commercial and academic assignments.

We provide the right answer to every question.hbits works in a contemporary way in which efficiency, transparency and personality are the central elements.

Simply contact us for prices and a no-obligation quote.

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