What means Trusted Smart Statistics

Joeri Minnen 5 February 2020


There is not so much information to be found in literature about the meaning of ‘Smart Surveys’ and ‘Trusted Surveys’. Therefore we need to define both terms.

Smart surveys

Smart surveys are those surveys where respondents are asked to use Smart devices to complete a survey. Smart devices are Smartphones, tablets or wearables.

‘To complete’ a survey means:

  1. fill in a survey, or
  2. provide data via relevant sensors or via existing datasets

The first option is an active participation, the second a rather passive participation. For both options an application is needed. This application is most often a mobile app, but it can be a web app running in a browser as well.

Trusted surveys

The word trusted is linked to third parties that can be trusted in their approach to the (personal) data they collect. These parties are government authorities, but also universities and even stable enterprises that protect the data they collect via the rigorous principles that are defined within the GDPR-rules.

The respondent at the centre

To become really smart and really trusted the respondent needs to be at the centre of the data collection approach. The interplay between active and passive registration holds the necessity that:

  1. the respondent can see the passively captured data
  2. can change/improve the data
  3. decides which data is being sent and which is not