EVS2023: household budget survey in Duitsland


The household budget survey asks families about their expenses and incomes. In this way, the survey provides a picture of living conditions in Germany and in comparison with other countries within the European Union. Households in a country are surveyed on a regular basis. In Germany, the survey takes place every 5 years with smaller studies in between in order to be able to better interpret the trend between two collection years.

All members of the household are included in the study. The participating households provide a representative picture of society by taking into account, among other things, the type of household, the social position of the largest earner in the family and the net income at household level.

The survey is conducted by Destatis as the national statistical office and the 16 provinces as the regional statistical offices.

The next survey will run during the year 2023 and will focus on surveying about 84,000 households.


The European Commission and especially EUROSTAT, the statistical service of the European Union, prescribe a number of guidelines. The method and manner of questioning is an important part of this. One important guideline stands central and that is the recording of expenditure and income according to the COICOP classification.

The COICOP classification gives an overview of consumption expenditure and income. It is managed by the United Nations and is used, among other things, for calculating the consumption index.


Until now, the survey was conducted by filling in a paper consumption diary. Because more and more people are using smart devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops), it is necessary to offer the data collection method digitally to the participating households as well.

Within this project, an application is developed that supports the online registration of expenditures and income within the household. The application is available as a mobile application via iOS and Android, and as a web application via the browser of a computer, laptop or tablet.

This application uses the MOTUS data collection platform.


MOTUS supports the EVS2023

In 2023, Destatis will survey 84,000 households on their expenditure and income. For this purpose, it relies on the MOTUS platform. The underlying project develops the application to capture these data.

This project is in line with the survey of the time spent by households according to HETUS guidelines. This makes it possible for statistical services to survey official statistics from its residents using one and the same data collection platform.