Difference between Committed and Tentative data

Joeri Minnen 16 September 2021

With the new User Interface of MOTUS the concepts of Committed Data and Tentative Data became important.

Committed Data are seen as data that are registered by the respondent as there is an active involvement. Eg. When a respondent keeps a Time Diary this means the registration of an activity and the answering of additional context questions.

Tentative Data are data about or in relation to the respondent without his or her active involvement, ie. passively. The data is gathered via sensors available in a Smartphone or Wearable, but the source of info can also be administrative data. Depending on the information extra context can be added. Eg. When the geolocation of the device is known, information on the Point-of-Interest (POI) can be added (a supermarket chain, a restaurant, a school…).

With the new User Interface both Committed and Tentative Data are shown to the respondent. At the moment the respondents accepts, adjusts/improve Tentative Data it becomes Committed Data. Tentative Data in MOTUS are used as a source of support to lower the registration burden of respondents.