What is the GSBPM?

Joeri Minnen 16 June 2021

The GSBPM stands for the ‘Generic Business Process Model’ and is used both within and between statistical offices and is used to describe the statistics production in a general and process-oriented way. In this way the GSBPM contributes to more quality, efficiency and standardisation of the production process.

The GSBPM holds in total 8 phases:

  • Specify Needs Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Build Phase
  • Collect Phase
  • Process Phase
  • Analyse Phase
  • Disseminate Phase
  • Evaluate Phase

Each Phase has a number of sub-processes.

Source: European Commission – CROS platform.

The more a tool or platform can be mapped according to this GSBPM model and the more phases are include the more of value the tool becomes.

The core functionality of MOTUS is linked to the Build, Collect and Process Phase, and the underlying sub-processes. Nevertheless MOTUS also includes sub-processes in the Design, Analyse and Disseminatie Phase.



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