MOTUS in use for the Hungarian Time Use Survey

Moving towards a digital data collection for TUS.


Time Use Surveys are collected following the HETUS-guidelines agreed by the participating EU member states. The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) conducts a Time Use Survey approximately every 10 years.

Until now the data has been collected in Hungary via the face-to-face PAPI interview method.

HCSO strives to move towards a digital data collection.

Therefore it wants to get familiar with the MOTUS data collection software.


The objectives include:

  • to explore how MOTUS can be integrated into the Hungarian data collection architecture,
  • to link MOTUS to an existing administrative database called LAKOS,
  • to test MOTUS in a small scale data collection and cognitive interviews,
  • to test the integrated functionality of the geolocation plugin, and
  • how MOTUS can be shared via the container technology.


All the experiences acquired during the testing of MOTUS will be used in the design of the next wave of Time Use Surveys in Hungary in 2022.