BTUS22: Belgian Time Use Survey


Description of the survey

The Belgian time use survey is conducted by Statbel with an interval of 5 to 10 year, the Belgian statistical office. The previous surveys were carried out in 1999, 2005 and 2013. The same surveys take place all over Europe.

There are two important features of the survey:

(1) it is a household-level survey, and

(2) the keeping of a time diary stands central.

In addition, questions are also asked via questionnaires.


The entire survey is conducted online and available in Dutch, French and English.

At the beginning of the survey, tasks are reserved for the household reference person including composing the household. After that, all household members aged 10 years and older are asked to participate in the survey. Here, the keeping of a time diary is the main focus.


With this research we wish to gather information about how people and households spend their time. What different activities they do and at what time of day these activities take place.

This research supports policy decisions and scientific research. Various questions can be raised, such as which activities do young people do, and conversely, which activities are mainly done by older people, whether there are differences between the time spent by men and women, whether sleep rhythms have changed?


The Belgian research on time use is conducted by Statbel, in cooperation with the Research Group TOR of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. To carry out the research, the MOTUS data collection platform developed by the Research Group TOR is used.

Information on valorisation

Information about the research is given through reports and articles, but also through a webpage where researchers, journalists, students and other interested parties can look up information about the time use of Belgians.

Research information

Informative website

A website with a page of Frequently Asked Questions, and with a Help page:

FAQ page:

Help page:

Instruction video

The instruction film gives an overview of the tasks during the examination and shows how the time diary can be filled in.

Film via YouTube:

MOTUS application

Participation in the study is possible by using the web application and/or the mobile application.

Web application:

iOS app:

Android app:

You can use the web and mobile application interchangeably. An internet connection is required when using the applications.

Activity diary

Central to the diary is registering your activities. You can register an activity in different ways: by searching with words, by searching via categories or by using favourites. To get an overview of all the activities, here is the activity list.

Activity list:


BTUS22 online time diary data collection

For the first time in Belgium the time use of households is collected completely online. This is done via the MOTUS data collection platform.

The target is to collect information from about 2.000 households. The study runs over an entire year.

The entire study protocol can be asked by sending an email to


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