CRŒSS – A cross domain platform for the ESS


The overall objective of the CRŒSS-project is to create a cross-domain platform for TUS and HBS that can be shared in the ESS and with a positive impact for respondents, researchers and NSIs.

The CRŒSS-project is carried out by Statistics Belgium (Statbel) and Statistics Germany (Destatis), and is the successor of the SOURCE TM project. Equally funded by the EUROSTAT. hbits CV is the subcontractor and exclusive licensee of MOTUS.

Goal 1 – Upgrade MOTUS to a HBS tool

MOTUS covers different methods to capture insightful data from the respondent through its mobile and web application. In particular MOTUS is able to collected:

  • Survey answers via Questionnaires
  • Time registrations via Time Diaries

Questionnaires and Time Diaries are used to collect Time Use Surveys (TUS).

This project will evolve in the development of a tool to collect:

  • Consumption registrations via Consumption Diaries

Questionnaires and Consumption Diaries are used to collect Household Budget Surveys (HBS).

To support the time and consumption registration Smart data collection techniques will be developed:

  • For TUS, the Geolocation service
  • For HBS, the Receipt scan service

Goal 2 – Share MOTUS with other NSIs

The main responsibility of Eurostat is to provide reliable and comparable statistical information to the institutions of the European Union (EU).

An important instrument to achieve this is through the promotion of – as far as possible – harmonised statistical methods across its member states. And the best way to do this is to make data collection platforms beter shareable.

The second goal is therefore the creation of containers to share the MOTUS data collection platform, taking also into account the criteria of security and privacy.

Main activities

The consortium focuses on the following activities:

  • Upgrading the MOTUS-platform by including a HBS diary
  • Including smart data to MOTUS by means of microservices
  • Usability testing: User Interface and User Experience of the MOTUS applications
  • Development of a prototype of an ESS-platform
  • Documentation for the respondents, researchers and NSIs

These activities are translated in 5 work packages.


CRŒSS as a cross-domain tool for the ESS

To arrive to reliable and comparable statistical information the CRŒSS project aims to reuse the already validated back-office of MOTUS for TUS and makes the bridge towards HBS.

In HBS the consumption or purchase of goods and services are the focus rather than the activities respondents perform.

Between June 2021 and July 2022 hbits CV together with Statbel and Destatis aims to include a Consumption Diary in MOTUS, and to support the respondent with a ticket scanning service.

NSIs are supported by sharing MOTUS via the container technology.



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